Volunteering represents a significant contribution by the Group and its teams and shows how we can make a difference to our communities at the same time as supporting the development of our people and reinforcing our values.

2014 saw a substantial acceleration in our efforts to 118,000 hours, which is more than double the number of hours we achieved in the previous year. To achieve this level required the enthusiasm and commitment of our teams around the world. I would like to congratulate them for their efforts, including our sponsors at country level, who have developed highly professional programs that also ensure our teams volunteer in a safe environment.

The experience we gained during 2014 will be of great benefit as we continue to maintain our focus on developing programs in partnership with our stakeholders designed to create shared value for communities as well as for our business.

I hope you enjoy this overview of our volunteering activities during 2014.

Alexandra Rocca
Executive Vice-President Communications,
Public Affairs and Sustainable Development
Sponsor of the volunteering ambition